Mini Loto simulator rank

These are the best results achieved by users in the Mini Loto Simulator

If you want to see a more detailed analysis of the numbers of simulations or real lotteries analysis, go to Mini Loto stadistics.

5,310,568 simulations have been performed and have been simulated a total of 1,038,468 years. In total you have won more than 173,365,000 Yen

Only the top 150 results are shown. The ranking is reset every 3 months.

Mini Loto Prize Probability
Fourth category (3 num.): 1 / 52
Third category (4 num.): 1 / 1,359
Second category (4 num + M): 1 / 33,982
First category (5 num.): 1 / 169,911

Ranking Prize

Nickname Combination Prize Time
Prizes Invested Balance
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Lotto Predict

Lotto Predict

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