Simulation, prediction and statistics for the world Lotteries

In Lotto Predict you can simulate lotteries from Japan, Spain, Europa and America to know when and how much you can win. You can also view the statistics of the numbers that come out more (simulated and real). This will help you predict and choose your lottery numbers.

Through Lotto Predict has been made more than 100,000 simulations and we have hundreds of messages of thanks for providing the correct lottery numbers.
You can also use Lotto Prediction to predict your lottery numbers. It is very easy! Only choose the country of the lottery you want to see, the type of lottery and start predicting !.

Some data from Lotto Prediction:

  • Simulations: 161.383
  • Total simulated draws: 9.020.252
  • Total simulated years: 4.130.840 years
  • Total simulated awards: 2.146 Mill. $ (~1.888 Mill. €) (~214.599 Mill. ¥)
  • Average simulation: 26 years
  • Gain by each draw: 238 $ (~209 €) (~23.791 ¥)

  • Lottery with better chance of winning (By country):

  • Japan: Mini Loto (1/169.911)
  • Spain: Primitiva and Bonoloto (1/13.983.816)
  • USA: Mega Millions (1/258.890.850)

  • Lottery with better chance of winning (Hit the first category every 1,000 Millions bets):

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    Lotto Predict

    Lotto Predict

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